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08 March 2006 @ 08:04 pm
Your Lips Give You Away  
Title: Your Lips Give You Away
Author: Kels (soapy_chk89)
Rating: Teen, but it has the F word in it. Oh, I'm goin' to hell...
Pairing: Nathan/Haley
Disclaimer: Yes, I'm Mark Schwann and I own you all, BWAHAHAHA. ... Okay, not really. I don't own a Goddamn thing.
Summary: Nathan knows what he wants. Haley knows what she wants. The thing they don't know is what they want is each other. One shot
Author Notes: I've been totally addicted to NH the last couple of weeks, so I decided to be really CRAZY and write a NH one-shot. Enjoy and tell all your friends. ;)

Oh, I just realized my author's bio on FF.net is totally outdated. I said I would never write LP or NB, and I just got done with a LP one-shot, and am doing a NB one right after I get some other shit done. HUFFAH!

Jake set his hands firmly on his best friend's shoulders. "Nathan, I'm counting on you for this. You can't screw up," he instructed slowly, as if teaching an infant the theory of evolution.

Nathan shook off his hands. "Yeah, I got this under control," he said re-assuringly. "You know no one's got your fiancee more trained than I do." He dug his elbow into Jake's side and laughed with promiscuous delight.

Jake set his mouth straight as his eyes sent daggers into Nathan before he loosened and gave him a playful tackle.

"Hey, you two goin' to need a room at the Camelot or are we leavin' soon?" Tim shouted, his head hanging out from the tinted limo window. His voice, however, squeaked to a full octave higher. Male laughter could be heard from inside the limo as the window rose higher and higher, wedging Tim's neck against the car door frame. "C'mon, guys!" he squealed.

Nathan bent down to bring his own face down to the same level as Tim's. "You're so pretty." He pinched his cheeks roughly. "I just want to pinch your little cheeks," he gushed.

"Okay, ladies," Jake laughed. He motioned for them to roll down the window with a roll of the hand. "Nathan, stop stalling."

Nathan heaved a sigh and glanced towards the bright lights of the apartment, its glow spilling out onto the dark concrete. "Why can't you go in again? I mean, it's your apartment, too."

"I don't know. Chicks have this thing where they don't like the groom interrupting the bachelorette party or somethin'," Jake reasoned, only halfway interested, watching Tim trying to wiggle his head out.

Nathan drifted away, Jake not noticing, just as he had expected. Dread filled his heavy heart with each individual knock he placed on the door. He could hear Celine Dion crooning; they must be having quite the bachelorette party in there.

It was so strange, though. There were no cars parked in the lot, and he couldn't see any shadows moving against the pink curtains, the curtains Nathan knew Haley had picked out. He almost wished that the girls had gone out, forgotten to turn off the lights and music.

He didn't know if he could stand to see Haley so happy, the day before she was planned to wed his best friend.

Nathan tested the door knob with a twist. It opened without protest. The scene before him kind of startled him. A tub of chocolate ice cream laid on the kitchen counter melting, its contents dripping off the edge of the counter and splattering onto the tile floor. The Wedding Planner was playing on the small TV screen. Jennifer Lopez desperately tried to detach Matthew McConaughey's hand from a marble statue's penis.

He ambled towards the bedroom hazardly. Whoever was here wasn't making much noise. He held out his hand and pushed lightly on the bedroom door. The door didn't open much, but enough for Nathan to see through the crack in between the door and the frame Haley standing in her white wedding dress.

"Well, hello! I'm Mrs. Jagielski!" Haley greeted herself in the body-length mirror. She closed her eyes and brought her index fingers to her temples, massaging them with a thoughtful manner.

She opened her eyes and kept her hands to her sides. "Hi, my name is Haley Jagielski! My husband's a successful lawyer at his firm in New York!" she tried again. Her smile kept up for a good two seconds before falling into a shaking frown. A sob split the air and she shook her head wildly.

Nathan stepped back slowly, trying to avoid an awkward situation. An obnoxious groan from the hardwood floor whined loudly.

Aw, fuck.

Haley's breath caught in her throat and she snapped her head to catch Nathan's gaze through the crack. He knew his mouth was opened slightly, his eyes unblinking. She mouthed his name and crumpled to the floor. Nathan couldn't help but to make the observation that with the white dress gathered around her she looked like an angel in a pure cloud.

He hesitantly stepped through the room and crouched down beside Haley, reaching out to grip her hand. Her limp hand reciprocated his gesture. Haley smiled meekly. "I'm such a mess," she said.

"No," he answered. "Not even close." She nodded and picked up her dress a little to situate herself. "I'm going to tell Jake I'm staying here with you tonight."

Haley smiled graciously, yet sadly. "Don't do that, Nathan. Go have fun with the rest of the guys," she told him.

"I wouldn't have any fun knowing that you're here crying." He rubbed one of her tears with the tip of his thumb. "I'll be right back, okay?"

Haley cocked her head and smiled in response. "You're so good to me," she sighed. He gave her a pat on the hand before releasing it from his grasp. He stopped at the door and bent backwards to peep his head back in expectantly when Haley called, "Nathan?" She looked down and toyed with her engagement ring. "Could you not tell Jake?" Her eyes were brimming with unfallen tears.

Nathan stepped back and leaned against the door frame. "I wasn't going to," he said knowingly.

He stretched the muscles in his hand as he walked back outside, the hand that had held Haley's. He could feel the dull thud of blood coarsing through his veins. Then her hair, he could still smell the gentle fragrance of kiwi on his fingertips from when he had brushed her hair out from her face.

"Hey, man!" Jake greeted his best man. "Did you get my ID?"

Nathan shook his head with indifference. "Nah, Haley's not feeling well and had to send the other girls home. Look, I don't want this to ruin your night, just go on ahead without me. I'll stay with Haley," he offered.

Jake hugged him and smiled at him proudly. "Really? You'd do that for me? Thanks, Nate, you're a true friend."

Yeah, a true friend, thought Nathan. This true friend is also in love with your fiancee. Did you know that, Jake? "Yeah, no problem. Just don't do anything too wild without me!" he exclaimed with a punch to the arm.

"Alright, we're out of here," Jake said as he backed away towards the limo. "It's going to suck without you. It's really great of you to do this for me." The limo door was slightly ajar, providing a view to Tim rubbing his red neck sourly.
Nathan shook his head and waved him on. "Go, Jake! Have fun! It's your last night as single man." He raised his eyebrows.

His friend groaned and placed a hand on his heart. "Don't remind me," he complained. He laughed and ducked his head down into the limo. The tail lights grew smaller as the limo sped off down the street, then disappearing around the corner.

When he re-entered the bedroom, his button up shirt was loose and untucked from his polo khakis. "Hey," he said softly. Haley turned around, her dress swaying like a church bell.

"Hi." She stepped closer to him, bridging the gap in between. She rotated so that her back was facing him. "Could you unzip me, please?" she said over her shoulder, although it sounded more like a whisper.

"S-sure," he stammered uncertainly. He felt for the tab at the top of her dress. His shaking hands pulled slowly at the zipper. As the dress opened and separated, Nathan felt as if he was opening a Christmas gift he had been long waiting for since August.

"Your fingers are cold," she laughed to herself. Nathan tried to smile, but maybe he was touching her too much. He could be really creeping her out right now. He finally let loose of the material and it floated to the floor.

She stepped out of it and ran her pre-wedding manicured fingers through her honey blonde hair. She wasn't wearing anything sexy or seductive particularly, a simple white bra and flowered panties, but it was enough to make Nathan fidget with his car keys nervously in his pockets.

Haley slipped on some plaid short shorts and a "Ravens Basketball Camp '03" t-shirt, a few sizes too big and obviously Jake's. "Don't look at me like that," she said with a shy smile.

"And how am I looking at you, Haley James?" he asked with feign innocence.

"Like you feel sorry for me," she said.

Nathan thought about this for a moment and then tilted his head back and forth. "I wasn't looking at you. I was..." He paused. "...looking after you."

"Well, thanks," Haley smirked, "But I'm just fine."

She flopped down on the bed and brought the covers up to just above her breasts. "You didn't look fine earlier," Nathan pointed out. "In fact, you kind of looked miserable," he said before biting his tongue and blushing madly.

Haley laughed and sloppily put her hair up in a makeshift bun. "Don't worry about it, Nate," she re-assured him. "I just thought I'd try on my wedding dress, without my mom or my sisters, just to see what it would feel like."

"And?" he questioned slowly.

"And..." She grinned before shrugging. "And, for once I felt completely alone," she finished. She rubbed her cold arms, soon turning to gooseflesh. "I don't know what's wrong with me. This should be the happiest week of my life."

"Hey," Nathan took a seat at the edge of the bed. "There isn't anything wrong with you. It just must be cold feet, big deal. By tomorrow morning you'll be wondering why you were acting so strange."

Haley smiled sadly and chuckled bitterly. "I know, but I can't help but to have this feeling that I'm making the worst decision of my life. Do you ever get that feeling, Nate? Like maybe, yes, everything is really great, but there is something that might be greater?"

"Yeah," he laughed nervously and fell backwards on the bed. "But everyone has that feeling sometimes. Where is everybody anyway?"

"As much as I'd like for you guys to believe that I have tons of friends," Haley said, "I really don't."


"Yeah, I know, lots of bridesmaids. Also a lot of mutual friends from work and sisters who have no choice but to be in the wedding," she laughed.

He closed his eyes, knowing fully well that here he was, laying on Haley's bed while her fiance, his best friend, was out somewhere unknowing.

And he knew completely well that he could feel Haley's warm lips brush his for a moment before making full contact with his. It only took a second's thought before he opened his mouth along with hers as his tongue massaged hers. Nathan could hear Haley coming out from underneath the covers and situating herself on top of him.

Each of her knees sunk into the soft bed on each side of him. His shirt loosened with each tug that undid each of the buttons. He kept his palms at her waist, not daring to touch anywhere, as if he traveled anywhere else with his hands she might disappear like a fantastic dream.

It's like they both realized it at the same time, because when Nathan opened his eyes she opened hers shortly after and launched herself off of him. Haley stood there, face in her hands, before taking another look at Nathan, his shirt undone and bearing his naked chest.

"Oh, God," she moaned before turning away again. "What have I done? I'm a horrible, horrible person." Nathan tried to grasp for his own words, but he simply didn't know how to console this girl when he himself wasn't sure of what had just occurred.

"Jake's going to kick my ass," he muttered.

"No, he's not," she said matter-of-factly. Nathan narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth to question her statement. "He'll kill you, because I can't marry him."

Only a squeak escaped from his red lips. "I'm sorry?"

Haley sighed and sat next to him. "I love you, and not the kind of love that I should feel towards my future husband's best friend," she said desperately.

"Well," Nathan started. "If Jake's going to kill me I should get one last wish before I die."

And then he kissed her.
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carissima47 on March 7th, 2006 07:25 pm (UTC)
Don't like ... kill me or anything, but I was getting really frustrated because I couldn't read the entry because it was all spaced wrong and then when I started fiddling, I kinda made it worse so I just like, deleted it and reposted it ... DON'T HATE ME!

I'm sorry Kelsey Welsey, I wuvy duvy love you!

Anyway ... if you're still not trying to kill me, I LOVED this. You're on a little creative spree, ain't ya? I feel bad for Jake though =(
soapy_chk89 on March 7th, 2006 09:11 pm (UTC)
Yeahhhh, I noticed the spacing problem, and tried to fix it, too. I was making it worse so I just stopped. But thanks much for fixing it for me, ya a lifesavah. I'm going to ask you for a favor later, BTW. ;)
carissima47 on March 7th, 2006 10:34 pm (UTC)